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      One life, one Love, one purpose. 

My artwork is a reflection of my life, not only an image but a mirror of my mind.  My purpose is to plant a seed in your heart of the one and only truth.  A message, a voice that is rarely heard.  Stop look, listen inside your soul and realize what is truly needed.
      I am blessed to live in a generation that consider tattoos a true art form.  One of the most ancient and amazing skill to master, combined with a living canvas.  This is the blend of tradition, religion, street life, and most importantly, the personality of the collector.  As for me, right here, right now, still in this never ending pursue of this art's perfection.  You might love my style,or hate it, but at the end is just my way.  It is my pleasure to make a part of your skin a living piece of artwork

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